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Welcome to Main Business Directory Lookup service Business Directory of U.S. Private and Public Companies is a premiere business resource profiling well over 19,000,000 U.S. companies - 60 percent of which are private. Whether you are contacting a company or calculating its market share, Business Directory is an invaluable tool for librarians, executives, students, analysts, marketers, and other professionals who require current company and industry profiles.

With Access to a database of over 19 Million US Business Locations, you can perform a Company Lookup to obtain NAICS and SIC Information, DUNS Numbers, Company Size Information, Addresses, Phone Numbers, Contact Names, Lat/Long and More in Just Seconds!

Where once you would have to get an expensive company credit report or subscription to obtain these vital data points, now you can get the data you need to keep your client information accurate and up to date with vital, actionable data.

With 5+ years of company formation experience, USA Corporate Services is uniquely positioned to help you get your new business started in the US, whether you live here already, or are a non-resident.

The Best American Companies To Invest In

This list of the top companies for investors is a round-up of all the top American companies to invest in. These companies are on the radar for offering some of the best returns to shareholders and are a financial dream come true for investors. What are the best American companies to invest in? Anyone interested in investing in an company in the U.S. should take a look at these businesses.

What are the best American companies to invest in? What are the best companies to invest in? Financial advisers assure investors that these are the best companies to invest their money in. Investors must consider a number of different factors when deciding which new companies to invest in. This list factors in all these aspects, and has been voted on by business experts just like you. These great corporations are ranked as the top companies to invest in in America and are some seriously good companies to invest in. You can bet that several famous investment bankers will agree

How We Compile and Verify Our Data

We gather our information from a multitude of directory and event-driven sources, including new business filings, daily utility connections, press releases, corporate websites, annual reports, user-generated feedback, and thousands of U.S. Page directories. And because we maintain an intimate knowledge of our sources and complete control over our compilation processes, we’re able to continually improve our methods to ensure the best data possible.

Then, we do something no other data provider does. We make over 24 million calls each year to gather and verify valuable information and ensure your data is current, accurate, and relevant.

Services and information are looking to establish relationships with vendors who will save them time and money. Our business system can connect you with these recently established companies—sometimes just days after formation. Choose between our daily or weekly feed and then search by industry and location to create a customized list that will help you

Introduction to Federal Government Contracting

Learn how to grow your business by having the federal government of the United States as a customer.

State Business

Explore business tools, services, and programs by state or territory. More 19 Millions US companies

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Choose from more than 30 search selections as well as geographic information to target the right audience for your marketing, sales, and research efforts.

Save time and resources offers the most accurate data available, so you know you won’t be wasting your time and money chasing incorrect or incomplete leads.

Our firm is owned by MBAs, not lawyers. There is no legal advice offered here, but we believe in a team approach, and frequently recommend the services of the many lawyers and accountants that we work with.